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This Months  Special

With over 12500 BTU's per pound, who wouldn't love a lump of beautiful black coal this holiday season? Created from organic material in a painstakingly long process, this coal took millions of years to create and now is your chance to possess a piece of this planets history. 100% naturally made from organic materials you can feel good about giving it to someone you love. If that wasn't enough, it is a sound financial investment for your loved one as well. If properly stored, this coal is an investment in diamond futures. Think of it as a kid you can work on with your kids--find the right environment, place the coal there, then check on it every few million years. It's the perfect present for the wise investor, the jewelry fiend or just the guy who wants to heat his home! From now till Christmas, you can get a organic, gluten free, lump of coal with any order for 5 cents! Simply add this item to your cart with any other products!

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