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Ladies Of Iron

The Art


The “ladies of Iron” line of jewelry came about as a rebellion against the conventional jewelry world. The jewelry rejects the idea that adornments can rely on the crutch of being a status symbol and focuses on the idea that jewelry can be beautifully designed, handmade and affordable.


This line of fine art jewelry is a rejection of precious materials being the only statement. It is a choice to embrace fine art and design. Each piece of fine art jewelry is masterfully designed and crafted.

This line of work is not just an experiment in materials, it is an experiment in human consciousness and consumption. By including iron, the jewelry  is embracing eco friendly materials. Iron alloy jewelry is extremely unique and features designs that are not possible in other materials. 


Handcrafted fine art jewelry emits a special energy. Each piece is designed, hammered, fused and polished—all by a human. When you touch one of these works of fine art you will feel this. When you wear a piece, it will continue to radiate the energy of creation out into the world with you and your creative spirit.


The Artist

Who is behind the jewelry? Mike Edelman designs and makes all of the work (unless noted). So who is M.Edelman?


Mike has been making fine art jewelry since he was about 16. His love of metal art started with chainmaille, but drifted toward jewelry and blacksmithing. He started forging at 18, and at 21 started the company “M.Edelman Art”.


For about 9 years he toured the country selling sculpture and jewelry. The Ladies of Iron line of work is dedicated exclusively to his jewelry creations; highlights his sculpture work.


In his “spare” time Edelman is just like any other mad scientist: he makes inventions that sometimes catch on fire, he bikes, ski's, reads and walks the dogs.

Why Be A Lady Of Iron?


What you wear reflects what is inside of you. When you wear unique and well designed art you are celebrating your individuality, passion and style—no one will have another piece like yours. The work created acts as the perfect accessory to highlight your individuality and badass attitude.

The Work


All of the fine art jewelry on this site is entirely handmade. The jewelry is hand forged, fused, and polished.


Both traditional and modern innovative techniques are used in making the jewelry. Edelman has created several new tools exclusively to help create these pieces of fine art.


The materials used are: Brass, Copper, Iron Alloy, Steel and Sterling Silver. There are no filler metals used, no plating, and no toxic white metal's. Whenever possible, the jewelry is made with eco friendly recycled metals.


The jewelry is constructed in a way to take the abuse of life. Metals will oxidize. Brass and Silver tarnish. Copper patina's. Steel and iron rusts. The work is created to still look amazing as it ages and experiences its environment. You DO NOT need to fight this process. If you prefer the shiny and new look, a sunshine cloth will refinish brass, copper and silver pieces. For steel and iron pieces, use 400 or higher grit sandpaper.

Return Policy

I stand behind all the work I make. If within 30 days of your purchase you are not happy with a piece, ship it back for a full refund (less shipping charges).  If you need to return a piece, please email


Want to see the newest designs before they make it to the website? Want to be informed whenever there is a hot deal, or something cool going on? Well, then follow Ladies Of Iron on Instagram, username: medelmanart!

We appreciate your feedback! If you are happy with your experience, or ready to punch us in the face, please let us know. We are always trying to improve!

Thank you for your feedback!

Interested in carrying this product line in your gallery or shop? Other questions? Deep thoughts? Please email Mike Edelman at:

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