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Does all that heavy hammering make you nervous? This is the easiest workshop I offer and it usually yields great results!  In this approximately 4 hour class you will make a flower from laser cut blanks and hand forge a stem. Time permitting, we will also add a leaf.


Topics discussed in this class include:

Getting started in blacksmithing, forges, anvils and basic tools.


Skills learned in this class include:

Fire maintenance, drawing a taper, hammer control, texture,

hot punching, setting rivets and bending.



This is an intro class, but to make it easier for people to

understand what they are getting into here are the difficulty

levels broken down on a 1-10 scale:


Level: Beginner

Overall difficulty: 2/10

Physical Strength Needed: 2/10

​Dates: June 26

Time: 11-3

Price: $155

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