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Fire poker

Want to to really dive in and learn some really useful blacksmithing skills? This is the perfect class for that! In this approximately 4 hour class you will make a fire poker.


Topics discussed in this class include:

Getting started in blacksmithing, forges, anvils, intermediate skills and basic tools.


Skills learned in this class include:

Fire maintenance, drawing a taper, hammer control, twisting, texturing, forge welding and bending.



This is an intro class, but to make it easier for people to understand what they are getting into here are the difficulty levels broken down on a 1-10 scale:


Level: Beginner

Overall difficulty: 5/10

Physical Strength Needed: 5/10


Dates: June 25 and August 6

Time: 10:30-3

Price: $150 + 15 materials

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