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Better tools

make better art.

These pliers are for the person who wants their tools to have a soul. Each pair is hand forged in Frostburg Maryland by artist Mike Edelman.


Mike has been a professional metalworker for nearly twenty years and uses his own tools to create his personal work. Mike’s pliers have been refined over the years to become one of the most versatile and best made tools you will own.



These innovative pliers depart from traditional pliers in a few key ways:


*The handles are twice as wide as other pliers. This spreads the force you are exerting over a larger area, causing less pressure on your hands and helps generate more use able force at the jaws.


*The handles are polished. This reduces friction, hand fatigue and blisters. It also allows for a pair of pliers that are easier to control and give precise feedback.


*The jaw to handle ratio has been optimized for maximum efficiency.


*Each pair is hand forged from alloy tool steel, and fastened with a solid 1/4” rivet. These may well be the toughest pliers made today.

They are currently available in chain nose, rounded chain nose and flat jaw. Special sizes and chainmaille pliers are available upon request.

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