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I have been making pliers for nearly 15 years and if you ask anyone who owns a pair, they will tell you these are a jewelers best kept secret! Why are my pliers so special? Here are a few things I figured out over the years:

*Wide, polished handles help you get a grip on what you're doing.
*Hand forged for a tough long life of abuse.
*Proper handle shape.
*Properly shaped and sized jaw.
*A solid heavy duty 1/4” rivet.
*Each pair of pliers is made from special high carbon steel alloy.

Each pair will be hand made AFTER you place your order. Please allow about a week before shipment (I will contact you immediately if the wait is longer). In order to ensure the best possible fit, please select your hand size when you order.


Premium version has a higher polish finish and is suggested for people who love a soft feeling tool or will use these for hours a day.


Get the size wrong? No worries, for $10/pair they can be resized (plus shipping fees.)


Pliers are custom made and non returnable. 


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