This "Break Free" bracelet was inspired by the nonprofit organization Healing TREE ( and their Public Service Announcement (PSA) entitled “Bound” ( created by Samantha Scaffidi and produced by Voyager Studios LLC in association with SLMBR PRTY. It answers the important question of why people who are victims of abuse often feel a powerful attachment to those who have abused them. Furthermore, it points towards resources that emphasize trauma’s impact on the brain and allow for effective treatment (apart from the typical cognitive approach that doesn’t engage the survival part of the brain that is impacted during abuse) that leads to breaking the cycle and finding healing. This bracelet is a perfect gift of encouragement or celebration for someone who is considering breaking free from trauma bonding or celebrating a life free from abuse.


Healing TREE (Trauma Resources, Education & Empowerment) is dedicated to transforming how society responds to abuse and interpersonal trauma. They connect those who have suffered trauma with the resources necessary for healing rather than coping, provide education to professionals across fields and the public at large that promotes awareness, effective intervention and cutting edge treatment and offer empowerment through producing art projects that encourage a healing movement.

50% of the profits from these bracelets will be donated directly to the nonprofit organization Healing TREE.


For sizing, measure your wrist and subtract 1". The sizes listed are the actual cuff length. 

Break Free Bracelet